School Garden

Huge work has been done on the school garden over the last few months. The students have put a lot of work into the design and construction of their garden. Their design includes a greenhouse, raised flower beds and a wildflower garden. The children have helped out in making some recycled flowerbeds from old tyres and they are now situated at the entrance to our school. These old tyres represent teacups and are painted in our club colours. The children in the school play for 4 different clubs (Garryspillane, Galbally, Glenroe and Ballylanders.) We have planted native trees as part of National tree week.

We also have a new fairy garden. The children decorated around the fairy gardens. We have a new greenhouse and we have planted potatoes and parsley. We are part of the innocent, grow and seed project. This year we have added some water features to our school garden.