Glenbrohane School Policies and Information

School Policies and Information

The School Day

  • Opening Time: 9.20am
  • Roll Call: 10.00
  • First Break: 11 a.m. to 11.10
  • Lunch Break: 12.30 pm to 1 pm
  • Closing Time: 2pm (infants).3pm (1st – 6th)

School Opening: The school opens at approximately 9.10 each morning. The staff arrives at school at 9.10am. The bell is rung at 9.20am.

School Staff

  • Principal: Ms. Lisa Power
  • Deputy Principal: Ms. Julie Walsh
  • Teachers: Ms. Lisa Power, Ms. Julie Walsh, Mrs. Eilish Thornton, Ms. Michelle Griffin
  • Special Needs Assistants Winnie McDonald and Geraldine Lonergan
  • Secretary: Winnie McDonald

Literacy Lift-Off

  • Children benefit from small groups
  • Extra support teacher
  • Learning their phonics, spellings, words
  • Tablets with specific learning apps


  • Ready Set Go Maths – Mata sa Rang,
  • Team Teaching – Extra teacher in the classroom
  • Concrete Materials
  • Laptops with Nessy Fingers Typing Progam
  • Starspell
  • PM Graded Reading Scheme
  • Smart Moves